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Ah Belgium. As our driver Max said, is the land of beer , beautiful women and strong men. We didn't have musch scheduled in Brussels. I went around the city with Hahn and literally saw everything we could. Here's a list

  • Grand Place( ate the best waffles in the world and godiva there)
  • Peeing Boy.. Can't believe this is their official symbol. Awesome is all i can say
  • Royal Palace
  • Victor Horta Museum ( Quaint house with a lot of cool nuevo architecture)
  • St Micheal's Cathedral ( The place is massive )

    The hotel we were put in was an absolute shit hole. They had terrible elevators , sub-par food and damp smelling sheets(i know right!). Good thing we didnt really stay in here for too long. We were out enjoying the beer and fries. I had a glass of the infamous Kwak. As everyone before me i splashed the beer over my face. Tried a few others too, mostly novelty flavored beers. We stayed here for 2 days so there really wasnt much I could do.

On our way to Brugge we made 2 stops and went to a small town called Ghent with an old cathedral our professor wanted us to see. We then stopped around 3.00 pm at Blackenberg which is a beach town on the Belgian Coast. The weather was around 50 F.. not the best weather to get naked. Unfortunately the people in my group didn't care and they went anyway. It was like an Indian beach honestly. Not the cleanest beach I've seen. It was fun throwing a football around . As of now im using internet at a cafe to write this post. The next city is the last from this wonderful trip. I have great expectations for Brugge.

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