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Culinary Aesthetics

Today being a Sunday unleashes the laziest part of me. My biggest concern on most Sunday afternoon's is what I should eat for lunch so that I'll be happy for the rest of the day. Today seemed to be my lucky day.

Saurabh,Puneet and I decided to go to this Burger place called Five guys because of the good reviews it got from Saurabh's previous visit and Nehal's recent visit. Let me tell you this; when you get to Five guys it is everything you'd expect at an 'All-American' restaurant. Great food does not even begin to describe the cheeseburgers you get at this place. They are almost cooked to perfection. It is a sizable chunk of meat on the sandwich with a variety of classic American burger toppings and the biggest serving of fries you will ever see for ordering a Regular.(one cup plus some sort of bonus tray which covers your entire bag with fries)

Unlike most restaurants, i was really surprised about how much these people care about the quality of their food and overall customer satisfaction.The most interesting part of this whole meal was the presence of peanuts on my table. I have never had an unlimited number of servings for peanuts anywhere.EVER.( They appeal to my palate a lot).

They keep it simple. Everything you order complements each other. All this for 7$. I highly recommend this place for anyone who eats meat( or not). You will find something to please you at this fabulous burger joint.

You would think that this would keep me happy for the rest of the day. It did, not to mention that I also got sleepy after. Saurabh decided to cook some pasta for dinner, so we shopped at whole foods for some stuff for our dinner. Most of our day revolved around eating today if you haven't noticed yet. Dinner was an interesting event with a lot of mishaps, partly because of the fact that we are all unexperienced cooks. But we ended up cooking a very satisfying meal with the following dishes:

  • Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with sundried tomatoes and Cheese
  • Penne in Vodka Sauce
  • Grilled Chicken Cutlets
  • An Apple Walnut cake( probably the best cake you will ever eat) As you can tell food pleases me a lot. Fine dining is like an art. I don't quite have the ability to distinguish the best of what I eat yet. But I do try to sample a lot of things to see what I perceive as fine dining.Hopefully some day it shall be more of a natural thing for my taste buds. For now I shall keep myself pleased by watching Top Chef on Bravo which by the way is an excellent show.

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