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HDR photography

For the last one year or so I have been completely fascinated by HDR photos and the dynamics behind them.On my recent trip through Europe I decided to try it out with my camera and see how it went. I got a lot of good results. A few bad ones but mostly good. Here is the gallery of the HDR pictures I've compiled over time.

[![Mess](]( "Mess")[![Griffith Observatory](]( "Griffith Observatory")[![Chinese Theater](]( "Chinese Theater")[![Union Station](]( "Union Station")[![Union Bagel](]( "Union Bagel")[![St Pauls](]( "St Pauls") [![Kensington Palace](]( "Kensington Palace")[![Bath Abbey](]( "Bath Abbey")[![Scottish Hills](]( "Scottish Hills")[![Loch Lomond](]( "Loch Lomond")[![Inverary Castle](]( "Inverary Castle")[![Stonehenge](]( "Stonehenge") [![Countryside](]( "Countryside")[![Old Sarum](]( "Old Sarum")[![Wocester College Quad](]( "Wocester College Quad")[![Wocester College](]( "Wocester College")[![Radcliffe Camera](]( "Radcliffe Camera")[![Christchurch College](]( "Christchurch College") [![Scottish Church](]( "Scottish Church")[![Oxford Meadow](]( "Oxford Meadow")[![Brugge](]( "Brugge")[![Behold](]( "Behold")[![Rodin House](]( "Rodin House")[![Eiffel Tower](]( "Eiffel Tower")
[HDR a set on Flickr](

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