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This is the only city during my trip for which I have mixed emotions.. I had a strange array of experiences which is the only reason I say this. Don't get me wrong Munich is and always will be a great city. Our visit started off with a shitty hotel which had minimal ventilation and maximum humidity. Not a big fan. Stay away from hotel named Europa. Saurabh decided to visit us here which was cool. Our first day there we made a trip to a Dachau, a death camp from Nazi Germany. I have never been more depressed in my entire life. The place is desolate and just brings this eerie feeling of death surrounding the entire perimeter of the camp. I think every human should go here and experience it first hand. You will see how bad humans can be as a species. The stories I heard, the posters I saw, the documentaries I watched all flashed before my eyes when I was walking through the place. After I was done touring the place I met up with my group again so we could figure out what else we were doing that day.

To make the day more contrasting, I ended up going to the BMW Museum after this which was when Puneet achieved Nirvana. The building has some nice Bmw's in there, new and old. The museum itself looks really cool . It is some sort of modern architecture. Suits their image in my opinion. After that was done we were all fairly hungry. And since this was the land of beer, we decided to go to a beer garden. We joined friends, professors and drunk germans around mugs of beer and plates of brats. It was an incredible experience to say the least. I definitely vote Augstiner for the best lager I have ever had in my life.

I spent the next two days catching up on work, updating the blog, visiting the new and old Pinakotek and cheering for the Germans in the eurocup. I also managed to delay the entire group of 50 people so that I could get my travel documents back from the embassy with my approval to go to England :D

That's it for now. A long trip lies ahead of me... Goodbye Germany. Flickr photos uploaded here

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