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The bus ride from Rome to Padua was gorgeous . Passing through the Italian countryside is an experience that I don't really have words to describe. After what seemed like a life time we got to Padua. I was surprised at how small the town. The entire perimeter of the town was walkable(something you don't see much of in America). The hotel was alright other than one of the girls getting bed bugs which is disgusting. After the usual round of art and music classes we were free to do whatever we wanted around Padua. I walked around the town and explored the cathedral there and ate gelato at least 3 times. We visited the Scrovegni Chapel which in my opinion was some of the best art I have seen in Europe. The wall painting by Giotto are masterpieces and the Italian government has managed to take great care of it. There really isn't much to see there other than the town square and this chapel. I guess tech put us up there because it is significantly cheaper than Venice and not much of a commute.

Venizia is a magical place. I am still amazed at how people still manage to continue their daily activities using boats. I have to say though, there is a foul smell throughout the city. Never figured that one out. The whole city is covered with art and history. My highlights of Venice can be summed up into Academia, Peggy Guggenheim and St Marks Square. The Ferrari store there was particularly entertaining :) Check out my photos on Flickr . They essentially document my entire trip through Venice.

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