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When you think of Prague, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Eastern Block. Well, I was mistaken. This city is gorgeous. It has centuries of history and the cit is dotted with architectural marvels. As part of our visit here we went on a walking city tour as this is apparently a social norm in Europe. We took the tram to the old city and started walking around. I ate at one of the best restaurants in Prague. I wasn't impressed, I have to say. Pork Steaks and mash potatoes are not my thing. We continued the tour and saw the Prague Castle, walked down the Old Bridge and saw the clock tower. The cathedral was grand and the evening sun was playing with the stained glass creating all sorts of colors in the cathedral.

The rest of the time in Prague, we just walked around. Enjoyed what was some of the better Chinese food I have had.. Kinda weird don't you think :)

We saw a marionette opera of Don Giovanni which is one of the things one has to do when you go to Prague. It was interesting to say the least. Classical opera style with some infused humor from the puppet masters.

The last day was exciting. I got to visit the modern art museum in the EB. It was fascinating. I dont particularly see anything artistic in most modern art. I prefer the older art. I enjoy the amusement side of modern art; seeing what the artist thinks he made and what the common mind percieves it as. There were some strange exhbits there inclduing a picture of a womans private parts, which I don't get has to do with anything the caption said. There were a few Picassos there that I liked, the rest of the art. Bizzare! Check out my photos on Flickr

That was the end of my visit to the EB. As of now im stealing internet,sitting on the road,looing shady, trying to finish an art paper and writing this blog post.

Na shledanou for now..

P.S: I forgot to mention.. The women are freaking incredible. Every one of them is a perfect 10.

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