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Prego - Florence

Not the sauce. Stop being ignorant. The word means welcome amongst other things in Italian. Life in Italy revolves around food drink and art from what i observe.

I have gotten quite used to taking 2 hour lunches of gourmet food. It is very gratifying. My first day in Italy was also my 21st birthday so it was a really special day overall. The fact that I can now legally drink kind of loses it significance here where every meal incorporates a glass of wine or a beer with it. But other than that the day started off pretty well . Karan, Henry and Sonya came over from Lausanne to Florence to celebrate my birthday with Puneet and me and got me some tiramisu for the cake :)

I started off the day walking around looking at the most magnificent dome I have ever seen yet. It is a colossal building that makes everything around it very minuscule. The Duomo and the Bargello Museum were pretty fun too. We ended up 'running into' Karan and them somewhere by a museum and decided to walk around and head for dinner.

Dinner if I had to rate it was one of the top 3 dinner's I have ever had in my life. This restaurant called Il Latini had really good food and they got us an unreal amount of alcohol for 35 Euros which is a better deal then anywhere else in Europe(i think?) I thank Sonya for showing us the restaurant and making my birthday a lot better than it already was.

After dinner was kind of a haze. We went to some open air club/bar scene by the hotel and danced around to some Techno which apparently only I appreciate. It was funny when they played hip hop. All the Europeans got off the dance floor and kinda slowed down. Their dance style is not the typical dance that puneet likes back in America ;)

Anyway Just look at my pictures to see what Florence looks like.

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