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13 hours on a bus and finally we got to Strasbourg. I have to admit, I expected a lot more from this city. It is rather small for a prominent European city. We only had one day here so it wasn't all that bad. That one day was definitely enough for enjoying the entire city though. We went to downtown Strasbourg. Saw the big cathedral there which was really grand but it was unfortunately going through some renovation, so I couldn't really appreciate the outside of the cathedral. Downtown was small with a river running around it's perimeter and many boat cruises. There were more than a few stone bridges which made look very picturesque. One thing i distinctly remember is the food I had there. It was a classic Cuban sandwich. It was absolutely incredible. I ended the day by watching the Eurocup match with a few friends and our gracious driver Max who bought us drinks every-time Turkey scored a goal. That sums up all I did in Strasbourg. No wild partying. It was a welcome, quiet and relaxing 3 days for me

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